Thai Pornstar Palm - Another Man’s Reward - Tuktuk-Patrol

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Description :

Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to use your hand and imagination. No, this time around, we have this delicious little Asian vixen getting strewn across our screens in fits of coital urges that will merely make you wish your palms were as smooth her. Ok, yes yes… you do still have to put your hands to the task to enjoy this update. I mean, Tuktuk Patrol does not yet have the ability to do the stroking for you but after seeing today’s offering, I don’t think you’ll mind.

John found this girl awhile visiting a fair with a bunch of rides. Figuring this would be the perfect place to look for girls that like to get wild, he started following this one in jeans and wearing camo top. Despite her not saying much, the resulting conversation went smoothly and he was soon heading back to his hotel room with her to “take photos”. The girl was glued to her cellphone for most of the time. Lovers quarrel, apparently. Perfect timing! Palm’s English was horrible. Not going to lie. However, that’s how we like ’em sometimes. With the phone finally put down and taking photos around the room without so much as a hesitation, John soon just asked her to unbutton and pull off her pants. Which she did. Just that easy. Always use situations like this to your advantage. If you have a girl that’s fighting with her significant other, chances are good that her bad day will soon turn into something fun, adventurous and sexual. Her distraction, your reward.

Truth be told, once Palm was in nothing but her birthday suite, it was quickly realized just how well put-together and special this girl’s body was. Cute perky little Asian ass, thin build, small yet soft full boobs and a snug naturally almost-hairless pussy that’s never once seen the girth of a white man’s cock. Something tells me that this is one sexual encounter that she’ll never be able to keep secret from her boyfriend. Especially the first time he sends his mini-me home to pound-town.

After a vigorous visual inspection and a pussy spread wide to his will and desires, John plunges in face first to warm her up and give her a reason to forget her troubles at home. Returning the oral favours, she quickly gobbles down on his raging white member and loses herself in total sexual depravity. Leaving her, many minutes and sexual position changes later, gaping with lust and offering her pink now-raw pussy up for his impregnanting cumshots right into her cock-bucket. If things go as planned, her boyfriend should have a lot more to be pissed off about in 9 months!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny.

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