Thai Pornstar On - Bend Me, Fuck Me, Dump Me - Tuktuk-Patrol

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Description :

Welcome back guys and gals. This week, we have a very very special update sent in by John Tron himself. While watching this video, it did not even occur to me that ‘On’ here was even a MILF at first. Especially one that stacks in at mind-blowing 33 years old. I honestly thought she was a 22year old cutie, at most. I was soon shocked to learn that this tiny fit creature with NO stretch marks, still-tight pussy and such wanton disregard for getting bare cumrods shoved up her trimmed coochie was in fact a mom of 1. Unreal. Just what the fuck is in the water over there that made their DNA so resilient to aging? One thing we (and John) do know, though, is exactly what to do with such a primally naughty and adventurously cute MILF bending over at the edge of a bed like this – waiting to turn her soaked little brown fucking machine fantasies into reality.

John was out on a nice day with a pretty good plan to find a Thai mom to fuck. Sporting his camera glasses, he headed to a local market to see if there were any MILFs around to play with. Middle of the afternoon at a local market has to be a goldmine of lonely housewives, right? John then spotted a young bird strolling about and offered to help find what she was looking for. Turns out, she’s not as young as we had all thought at first. On here (pronounced awn), was hot and just looking for a way to cool off in the market. Soon, she was even helping John get his food together and quickly agreed to go back to his hotel. Where all her wildest dreams and fantasies of getting “rescued” by a handsome white stranger were about to cum to fruition if she was game to film the whole affair. Of which, she sure as fuck was!

Once there, she quickly got right into the mood and just went right for it. Disrobing John, exploring his white stature and quickly getting his raging cock into her mouth as soon as she could. Where, we might add, was some of her finest attention to detail before we all soon discover what HER finest details were. Pants dropped, bent over and unashamedly offering her glorious little ass to our horny man with the plan. It was clear what she wanted. Her smiles were also clear in how soon she wanted it.

A few photo poses later, and were met with a barrage of pussy pounding, tight crevice reaming and many position changes. All driving her over the edge of desires and into the abyss of bliss before streams of cum paint her face. Quick like a fox, dumping her back out on the streets – hurry home before baby-daddy suspects a thing

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