Thai Pornstar Cherry - A Battle Over Borrowed Time - Tuktuk-Patrol

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Description :

Welcome back, guys and gals. We have another one fresh-in from the big Mac – this time in Pattaya! After settling into his hotel room, he pulled a classic John-Tron trick and hit up the dating apps. Looking to see what fish would bite on the threat of a good time. Soon enough, a meetup was planned for later in the evening and upon meeting her down on the sidewalk, we are presented with a stunning display of tight jeans, snug midrift and Puma-adorned lady-humps. Whilst still rather small, these tits were round and solid. Absolutely solid! Of course, we’re not here to just talk about her appearance – but more-so about what she can do with that body! Once back at Mackie’s room, she was quickly eager to get into action!

Still fully-dressed and curious to go all the way with this handsome white tourist, Cherry quickly took Mac’s cock into her mouth and proved just what she is capable of. Licking, tasting, caressing with her full lips and shoving that meat-rod at the back of her throat. An angel, really. But when it becomes time to disrobe, one can only describe this horny Thai slut as being built for staying up late – and pleasing hard white cocks! Those perfectly round, robust and perky lil tits were enough to make most men cum. Gently and expertly stroking his cock with visions of these perfect tits, she offered up her devilishly tattooed body and already-moist pussy with zero hesitation. All of this is nearly more than any man could handle. Gotta throw that dick in before visions alone drain him of his go-juice! My God, this girl was horny!

Fits like a tiger. Sliding in deep and enjoying her amazing body as her pussy envelops his will, Mac pushes the whole way in within a few mere strokes and thus began the battle of desire over borrowed time before his cock just explodes. With such views, passionate response and delicious little moans, Cherry pushes the limits of how much a man can hold off the inevitable. From gently shoving ovaries to showing off more of her amazing handy blowjob skills, we are presented with a visual treat of highly-passionate slow deep penetrations and finally – succumbing to man’s final desires. With large-scale streams of uncontrollably inseminating go-juice. Watch as her pussy takes the mother-load deep within – with enough left over to splatter those lips with every last drop left deep within his balls.

Until next time guys and gals, stay happy and stay horny!

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